Idea to better understand TD basics

Would it help to use coloured sliders in TD? Some filters increase a certain factor, some limit, some extend. Low latency Fe minimizes lags (as I understand), the higher the value the faster is the response. Slew rate restricts the amount of force per ms. Higher values mean less force. By adding a colour to a slider and/or quick hints that would sort out some confusion. But don’t know if that’s easy to implement.


We have thought about these types of things, but it becomes a problem when there are things that used to tune, and not make something better/faster or worse/slower etc.
Also, when mixing different things to same UI, it would already start to look like a patchwork mess.

OK. Sometimes a bubble that shows up saying " don’t forget to push the power button" or “are you sure you want to delete ALL of your settings?” was, to be honest, already a big help for me​:100::four_leaf_clover:. Btw, I’m not sure will sleep good tonight! Tomorrow is Paddock cake day for all R2ers!! What a giant leap for all of us! Thanks to the Granite team!

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How about a textballoon or something with the explanation from the user manual when you hover over a subject.
You hover over inertia in truedrive and you get the text from inertia that is in the user manual.
Would help to learn what everything does in true drive i think.


Wait, there is a manual? :upside_down_face:


Exactly what I had in mind!

Even I went through it more than once (I’m an accountant and have NO technical background…nor talent😭) I was confused for longer time that some settings increase a resistance while others increase in decreasing (I’m Swiss and my English not really good.) Fe in reconstruction “1” has “fast” added. So the rest is slow, slower…? I’m now going to give Paddock a try🍀

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An easy explanation:

Torque bandwith - More = full Signal, less = cut the signal.

Recon Filter - More = filtered Signal, less = Direct signal

Others Damper, Friction and Inertia - More is more XD

Static Force Reduction - More = Signal filtered arround the centering forces (Constant forces), less = Direct signal

Slew Rate Limit - More (off) = servo at full capacity of response, less = slow down servo response time

Ultra Low Latency - more is less latency, just start at 0 and play with rest of filters.

Directinput Filters are Game dependant.


Thanks! That is super nice and extremely informative!!! Totally appreciate!

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