I want to run Argon and VSD-Ex 160 from ethernet smooth stepper

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My hardware configuration:
PC (Mach4 hobby),Ethernet Smooth stepper,VSDEPI BOB,Argon Drive and VSD-Ex 160 drive
Modified(retrofitted with Encoder ENC-A5DI-1250-375-H-G) Magmotor BF46-H500H
-(drive firmware version)
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Problems arise when:
I would like to have a schematic on connecting the Argon Drive to my existing BOB
I know its a bit of a Frankenstein project but I would like to get 2 axis running on my mill before buying more drives

How it behaves:
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How I would expect it to behave:

I have attached following files:
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I also would like to share that (additional info).

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Hi Rick

Did you already check the Argon wiki pages? Here we have examples and the schematics for the inputs:

I’m assuming you are using step/dir setpoint signal, and for this I would skip the VSDEPI and wire the smoothstepper directly to Argon (and VSD).

Here’s an example to single-ended step/dir wiring:

Kidn regards,

Thank you Esa,
I will skip the VSDEPI,I just want to run the servo in real conditions before I buy more drives.