I want to go back to mmos in my ioni pro hc

i have this ioni pro hc attached to a small mige that originally was on mmos and trying to upgrade to simucube but the motor isnt initialize in simucube and i cant use anymore pls help

MMoS doesn’t have anything to do with IONI Pro HC. instead, it was running on seperate STM32 chip on Simucube.

If you have flashed Simucube FW on your cube, then there is one button in the user interface you need to push to enable communication to the IONI drive via Granity Tools - you also need the 2nd usb cable connected on the back of the Simucube, as it uses a different port for accessing the IONI.

thank you mate where can i get granity tools cant find anywhere

Is your system an IONICUBE + STM32F4 Discovery setup, or a Simucube? The SImucube software does only work on Simucube hardware, although the processor is the same STM32F4 and the firmware will install. There is a large red text to warn about this in the installation guide.

i dont know so much about this hardware i only buy like this was running on mmos and trying to upgrade to simucube i get stuck on this i just want to go back to mmos to play again just that you know how i can get back to mmos?

I do not know where the MMOS firmware is hosted, and as I’ve never had an STM32F4 Discovery board, I do not have first-hand knowledge on how to install it.

Maybe some other guru can help here?

But it would help a lot if we had picture of your unit to see / verify that it is really a STM32F4 Discovery + IONICUBE and not Simucube.

this is what ive done to mi ioni and now cant go back to mmos i just want to put the dfu file on dfuse demo and i think that gonna work

you need to connect your disco board to your pc like this with the mini USB end Messed up my IONI..Granity gives error

and then follow these steps Simucube firmware not working on Ionicube

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