I updated to simucube and im having a problem pls help!


Im new here and this is my first post i updated mmos to simucube using youtube tutorial and all went smooth and good and it finished but now my wheel doesnt work. I uploaded some screenshots to google drive link down below. the simucube is working when going to device manager but when i open simucube it does not work. the wheel turns a little when turning on but after its on i tried to turn the wheel and its really heavy. I dont know what to do and I want some help. thanks


Which firmware version did you update to?

Which IONI firmware version did you have previously?

I updated to 0.10.0 and I dont know what version I had previously. I had not changed the firmware from when I Bought the wheel from https://sim-pli.city/

this is my first time update

OK, I’ll PM you for further support. I have a hunch on what has gone wrong.

Hello its me again I created a new account my original account cant send more pm I have to wait 21 hours…

Can you get rid of that restriction ? Or you can pm on this account I have the teamviewer ID and password ready thanks

Reason and solution:
Old IONI firmware version that didn’t support automatic firmware update
0.10.0 Firmware, which hung up on connecting to drive, making the Configuration Tool not be able to connect.

0.10.1 and up have a fix for this issue.

We reset SimuCUBE via going to DFU mode and applying a full reset that includes the bootloader and also wipes out the firmare as well. This kind of full-reset dfu file will be supplied in the firmware files from 0.10.3 version onwards.

We’ve also cleaned up the github firmware download page to make it more difficult for users to download firmware versions that have known issues, so it should be less likely that people run to this issue in the future.