I think my board is bricked

For a couple of weeks ago, my main-power from the wall was shortcutted while racing. It bricked my motherboard and/or CPU. It was an expensive accident. :cry:

I have not raced anything from that date, though I did power on the Simucube just to check if everything was okay there, and it went through its initialization as normal (movement and sound), so my first belief it was not destroyed in the electric shortcut.

Now, I wanted to train for a race I will have tonight, but sadly, starting up Simucube there is no connection via USB through the computer (I have replaced my bricked CPU and motherboard). The Simucube software will not find my wheel (even trying to use the firmware update mode in it). I have tried MMos and Granity, they do not find it. I have even run the DFUDemo application which does not find it.

I have used the DIP-switch, no difference. Though, it consist of two switches, I have only toggled switch 1, I do not dare to touch switch 2. Or should I toggle that switch as well?

If this does not work, I will be steering-wheel-less for a long while, until I cannot resist to order the Simucube 2. :smiley:

The other dip switch does the dfu<->run mode switching, the other is not connected to anything.

Okay, thanks. It seems the main USB-port is dead, or some circuit behind it. The second USB-port works (Granity software finds it), sadly though it is not a redudant device.

When toggling the DIP-switches, I get a LSSS-fault (SimpleMotion communication error ) indicated by the leds on the IONI driver.

I am not sure which board I should replace, but I guess I need to change the Simucube board.

Yeah, sounds like the simucube board / STM32 processor on it, or the USB protection diodes, have taken a hit.