I need desk-clamp mount for Simucube wheelbase (no room for rig)

I would really like to buy the Simucube 2/Sport WB to start sim car racing again after a very long time away from this. (Grand Prix Legends way back in the day)

The problem is our computer room is small so I don’t have enough room for a rig…nor anywhere else in our condo. So, I have to mount the WB onto my PC computer desk (heavy & solid). At this time Simucube does not make a desk-clamp for this situation. This clamp when the WB is attached, has to be easy/fast to remove and set up, as it has to be put away when not in use ( my PC used for work every day). I hope to find a clamp solution, and not have to drill holes thru my desk.

Fanatec has a desk mounting clamp for their WB’s. But, I would much prefer the Simucube over the Fanatec. In my email exchange w/ folks from the company, it was implied there’s a possibility for one being available in the next several months. When you look at the Fanatec desk-clamp, it is not complicated, so I’m hoping this becomes available sooner than later… as I really want to start this hobby with my son.

Ideas anyone, or is it just a question of waiting… or just going with the Fanatec belt-drive WB that fits their clamp…

Mount the Simucube to a board. Buy 2 C clamps or similar product.

Put the Simucube that is mounted on the board on your desk and just clamp it to the desk. When done remove clamps and put the Simucube away.
Several guys have done this and it works fine.

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look here you can make it in this art

you can also ask this peopel they make it how you want


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Here’s how i’ve done it. Its only an Ikea desk, but the mount is very sturdy and i run my sc2 pro around 8-10 Nm maximum. For regular use and not showing off it handles just great.

So its a piece of wood screwed on the underside of the table for the clamps to screw into and another piece of wood to screw sc2 onto that you clamp into your desk.


Those are wood screws, screwed from the top, right?

Another option is a through-hole to the wood, and a larger hole on the bottom side to house the head of a cap-head bolt.

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Just something we had lying around, think they are Ikea furniture screws and added a slug/washer. I was thinking of how to do it and yeah through-hole is another option but tried this first and it works fine so it was enough for me :grinning:


Wondering if something like this would do the job.

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I believe the Fanatec desk-clamp will only accept their own WB’s as far as the mounting plate holes are concerned… I want the Simucube 2/Sport WB.

And, at ‘Race Department’ forums, I’m ‘5-Card-Major’ !! I see you there a lot! Always helpful…thx.

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Thanks, Joe! The obvious sometimes escapes me.


The fewer holes I have to drill, the better… I am NOT a handy guy around the house AT ALL… :frowning:

I feel you! I wasn’t very good at DIY stuff, at least not anything more advanced than Lego. But, during the last ten years I’ve done many things from wood and aluminum. Anything that requires a circular saw still frightens me, but maybe I’ll add a battery-operated one into my tool closet some day :slight_smile:

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Seems like someone made it work https://www.reddit.com/r/simracing/comments/87vvk2/osw_mounting_to_desk/
Could be cleaner solution than all these makeshift boards and clamps.

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RE// The desk pic from the Reddit post…
I’m not sure, but it looks like the bracket that is attached to the desk and that the WB holder is attached to is screwed/bolted into the desk. If that’s the case, then the attaching/removing of it will not be fast/easy. Looking at just that one pic makes it a bit hard to see… I requested the guy on that Reddit post to show a few more pics…

I use it every day with the Fanatec table mount and is perfect. My desk is made of solid wood (100kg) and is perfect


That Sim-lab mount fits into existing holes as it seems, correct?

Yes, but it does not allow for very important (ergonomic) tilt adjustment, as the whole deck has that adjustment in Sim-Lab rigs.

Wrists will start to hurt with the wheel at 90 degree angle like that, unless you have a F1 laid-back seating position.

Thats why it is better to have an angle-adjustable mounting bracket.

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Whoa, the Simucube will attach to the Fanatec desk clamp mount!.. but cannot be tilted upward. I’m 6’3". If I slouch down in my desk chair my back starts hurting. Like what Gilda Radner used to say on the old SNL shows, …“It’s always something…”.

Magger… Thanks for the info/pic…

Mika… Is there such a beast?

And if it is angle-adjustable, and fits the Simucube 2/Sport, and does not need to be bolted/screwed to the desk, THEN… Heaven…

You will not be able to do angled with sim-lab mount but it will bolt to fanatec clamp as is.
But if you get different mount that allows angled mounting, like one in the video, you’d just need to drill extra holes in Fanatec clamp.
Or old Mige mount like this https://community.granitedevices.com/uploads/default/original/2X/9/925d317d0963231f4b4f851815e5b484b6be2551.jpeg

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