I have no idea how to get a simucube 1 for my big Midge 130st-m15015 30nm, where can I find one?

Because it has been discontinued, I have not been able to find one anywhere on the Internet. If it is not possible for me to get one, are there any alternatives I could use?

If you cannot find a 2nd hand Simucube1 and IONI PRO HC controller, then you will have to investigate alternatives that will allow you some basic drive controller configuration, which will accept your PMSM, quadrature encoder, ready to take a PWM+DIR input, and then grab an older Core407V controller and flash it with MMoS FW.

Note also the large Mige is voltage limited at 48V, and as such, will be around the 27NM level. Just something to keep in the back of your mind. Also, if you go with such a Frankenstein-wheel, MMoS only accepts quadrature encoders, so there’s that to consider too. Also, the Core407 is the slightly more compact version of the original Discovery we used in the older MMoS days, thus the wiring will need to be adjusted due to different pin orientation on those.

I have done a few this way, it works, but just bear in mind, if you use my old schematics, that you need to find the corresponding pin on the core407v.

This will cost you some money, a lot of time, and will have you on the same level DD wheel as in beginning of 2015 technology. To be honest, I wouldn’t go this way.

You might also want to search VNM on discord, see if he still sells diy solutions, but my recommendation is to get a ready product from one of the reputable suppliers. That will save you a lot of time and money.


Thanks for the help. Do you know if a VRS Wheel Controller 100-240V AC CFP-C01 would work, and if that would improve the quality of ffb over a core407v? Would it matter if the VRS controller is for the 20nm midge?

I think the VRS controller will only work on a custom Mige that they are getting for their wheel base set. They have added a thermistor inside the motor so that they can cut torque in case the motor heats up too much. This is a requirement to keep within CE requirements - no touchable surface can exceed 70 degrees Celcius.

Also the VRS controller most likely is tuned just for that Mige motor model and the settings are not open for tuning.