Hydraulic Pedals

Hi all. Not directly SC2-related, but I am considering getting hydraulic pedals to use with my SC2, and I am struggling to find comparisons between the different manufacturers, so I thought I would ask here.

Does anyone have experience with both Racewerk and Simtag? What about Asetek? I’ve seen several good reviews of the Invicta pedals, but again no comparison with the other sets I am considering.

I am looking for comparisons in terms of feel, maintenance/reliability, ease of use and tuning , and support.

Thank you!

Hi, i’m using Aseteks Invicta, in short:
pro: materials,build,UI, top notch, feeling “connected” with brake instant,very precise
easy to mount,tune in, maintain
contra: brake needs tons of muscle power to use 2 stage system properly, imho too hard even with soft elastomere,
only few options to adapt pedals (space between and so)
clutch pedal is not worth the price in terms of clutch bite,it feels like a second throttle pedal


I has Forte, very uncomfortable base plate of Fortes or Invictas it is the same design, bought VRS, as tested HE ultimates- also i could buy them for cheap, chose VRS could not be happier. If you want Hidraulic pedals go with Simtags! I liked them more than Sim pro! But after VRS i do not want any hydraulic pedal! Btw selling Forte for 350 eur, plus shipping to EU, 2 weeks of use only.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m set on hydraulic. I don’t upgrade my gear very often (I have been using CSL Elite LC pedals for the last 3 years), so if/when I upgrade I want to try something different, and I don’t mind investing a bit more in a good product.

Note that I don’t really have any complaint about my current pedals, except that they don’t feel like car pedals.

Now, any feedback on Simtag and Racewerk would be very welcome (doesn’t anybody use those in this community?).

The “feel” comes from rubber washers and springs being compressed, hydraulic is only used to excite load cell. But then you’ll have brake fluid leak waiting to happen on your expensive rug.

I’ll take that into consideration—even though I don’t have an expensive rug :relieved:. Thank you.

Hi there.
I dont have experience with Racewerk, but I have with Asetek Invicta.
I have moved from Heusinkveld ultimate to Asetek invicta. Using them a few months now. The break feels great and I am more consistent. I did a bit of modification, but even out of the box the break is nice and easy to trailbrake a gt3 car. Everything else - I am not impressed, especially the throttle - it is non linear (even when linear map is selected in the software). Also the face for throttle it’s too grippy, I had to put 3d printed cover on it. Clutch - i dont have complains, but i dont use it too much.


Thanks for the feedback. It’s consistent with other reviews I’ve seen.

Invicta is tempting because the brake is highly rated and it’s a zero-maintenance closed loop system. But other reviewers also point out that the throttle is a weak point.

I guess there’s no perfect system.

Out of the box there is no prefect product that can be “perfect” for everybody :slight_smile:
But with some DIY some or many of the “non perfection” can be mitigated.


The Simtag are not serviceable. You have to send these back to them in Belgium if you have a problem.
Otherwise good quality in the V2 version (Ashley) with the user friendly “grenade” system and very passionate fan base advocating for them.

Racewerk: better quality with the components (and hydraulic clutch) for the S1 Pro but when used you don’t seem to see the difference with the Wilwood/ Simtag/ Velasquez. Users also say that the standard S1 is good enough.
They do look however more sim racing than IRL racing.

Velasquez: like the Simtag but serviceable and also with hydraulic clutch.
They used also DOT 5 fluid (so no mess like in the Simtag if it leaks)
Excellent quality but Velasquez has put the orders/ deliveries on hold.

You can’t go wrong with any of these.
(I wanted IRL pedals and went for the Velasquez)

Last but not least: Simtag and Racewerk offer discounts for Black friday!


Thanks for the feedback. Very useful. I was leaning towards the Simtag Iris. The grenade system is very appealing and the “straight out of a car” look is definitely a plus. But the fact that it’s not serviceable is a problem.

Regarding Racewerk, I actually like the look, but all the problems with the slave cylinder reported by Boosted Media make me cautious.

I was indeed planning to buy around Black Friday.

If you are interested in the Simtag 2 pedal set (Iris), then be aware that the construction of the Simtag 2 pedals sets is actually quite different and it involves only a single brake cylinder (vs. a dual cylinder like in the regular set).
That’s why also some users still use the 3 pedal set in order to get the dual brake cylinders.

The “grenade” system is just simpler to operate than the system with different elastomers for the dual brake cylinders. More simplicity but less amount of adjustment. People seem to like it however for the simplicity.

As for the Racewerk, if you like the look of the Racewerk, then the option to go for the Racewerk is definitely a good option.

And if you go for the S1 Pro (vs. S1), the Racewerk uses a much better quality than the Simtag (Tilton 78 series). Users don’t seem to have any problem with the regular S1 however and you can save some money buying the S1 if your budget is limited.

BTW, the problem of the slave cylinder reported by Boosted Media is meanwhile solved it seems and I never read any problems since. Simtag also had numerous leaks in the wildwood slave cylinder (which is know for that) and Simtag also change their slave cylinder to a proprietary slave cylinder in their Ashley/ Iris series.

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Yes, I noticed that Iris only has one brake cylinder, but the 3-pedal set is just too expensive for me. I had not realized that Simtag had moved away from Wilwood cylinders with their latest models.

One thing I like about Racewerk is the modularity. I could start with 2 pedals and add a clutch later (although I don’t remember the last time I used my clutch pedal). A reseller also told me that they haven’t seen any problem with Racewerk (and he also sells Simtag and Asetek). So I’m leaning towards that (the non-pro version).

I’ll see what the discounts are around Black Friday :wink:

Thank you for all the info!

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It’s been a year now since you guys exchanged about your hydraulic pedals, are you still happy about your choice today? No leak or need for maintenance to declare?

I have the Velasquez Tilton, Hydraulic brakes and hydraulic clutch also. Absolutely no problem at all. Except a spring for the throttle that broke, so I just bought a Tilton spring and replace it. Very good that all parts are serviceable yourself and not proprietary.

Glad to hear! It’s indeed so handy that nothing on those pedals is proprietary. Do you know of any set still available today that is similarly serviceable yourself now that velasquez closed its door?


If you can not get a Velasquez Tilton, where everything is serviceable by yourself, I personally would buy the Simucube active pedal for the brake and a good clutch/ throttle separately.

(if you live in Belgium or close to Belgium, then you can buy the Simtag and send these to them in Belgium if you have a problem down the road or for regular service/ maintenance)

Thank you! In the end, you are right, at this level of spending, maybe I should simply get the active pedal straight away…