How to skip phase search using absolute (BISS-C) encoders fwith IONI?


when using BISS-C absolute encoders, how one could use absolute encoder position as phase reference? This would enable the stage power on and init without motor movement. I have probably missed something obvious - any little reference can help :).

Granite devices BISS-C wiki states following:
"Support utilizing absolute position information from the encoder

  • To skip axis homing procedure
  • To initialize rotary motor immediately (no Phasing needed)"

Than you for your help!


There is an UI for this in the encoder settings in Granity.

This is what I see under encoder configuration in Granity 15.1. I assume the Commutation sensor [FCS] needs to be on then (even if there are no hall sensors physically) and the Commutation sensor offset will be the offset from 0 position for the BISS-C encoder? Can the offset angle from automatic phasing initialisation be seen in the Granity interface?

Thank you!

If I remember correctly, just pressing the autodetect button does a short calibration cycle that calibrates the absolute encoder counts to the motor phases, sets the [FCS] dropdown value based on the result, and writes the offset to the calibrated value.

Remember to save the configuration to drive flash memory afterwards.