How to setup Simucube Pro and F1 2021

I have just done a clean install of Windows 11 and the latest Simucube 2 True Paddock software along with F1 2021.

Now how do you get it set up in F1 2021? Have tried and when I turn the wheel left it doesnt register…

Hi Will,
Welcome here! There are pretty good tunes available from the good folks here for most sims, hopefully one of the F1 2021 guys get back to you soon with some good ideas about the first-time setup and tuning.

If memory serves, a few others had the same issue you’re experiencing. Fingers crossed :wink:

I tried searching and looking through…maybe see if I can find the F1 2021 forums if I can’t get help here. So far the only advantage I saw from the DD2 was it worked quite easily in F1 2019

Now there is also the odd chance that it win11 related but I dont think so…

Not sure about F1 2019 but my SC2 definitely works in F1 2020 and I have seen numerous people with an SC2 playing F1 2021, I have the feeling its got to do with your new version of Windows

Based on this I may consider do not upgrade on day one.
It’s classic Microsoft that they may be changed some API and didn’t tell anyone. :joy:

I think its the same issue that Codemasters titles have had before - axis has to move quickly enough all the way to min/max and back to center for the axis to be detected.

I was able to map the wheel on the first try when steering ratio was set to 360 degrees.


I had the same issue with Automobilista 2. Steering like a mad man and restarting it several times fixed it. :rofl:

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edit: changed to 360 and it let me get the steering working so put it down to codemasters screwup

That makes sense as everything else works ie buttons/shifters and when you attempt to do the steering and you select the turn left or right it switches before I have finished turning left and back to centre. Anyway going to change it to 360 and give it another go.

I copied F1 settings done by Jarno who is an f1 esports guy. If you google “jarno dd settings” he goes through his simucube settings and they feel absolutely awesome. He has an ultimate so I just turned my FFB to 30 in game and copied all his truedrive settings. Feels fantastic. Here’s the video, sorry can’t timelink it on ipad :frowning:

Starts at 5m35seconds

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No reason to be sorry as it’s very much appreciated and I will enjoy watching all of it, Thankyou

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