How to reset center point for long term?

As title, it happen from yesterday without anything, it goes to -360 degree everytime when I power up now.
How to reset center point for long term ?

This glitch has been discussed in a lot of other threads already and Mika promised that i will be fixed in future update!
Since i have wheel with usb cable i turn my wheel 360 to left and only then power on the base and then turn wheel 360 back to right and it is 0 degrees usb cable not stretched. And at this point i am so used to do it i never forget to do this before power on.

Yes I heard somebody experience the same issue, but I haven’t…it is fully normal with center point lossing on my device, so I am curious how to reset it manually.

It happen on my V1.0.10 yesterday, today I update to V1.0.13, issue is still there.

um…I wanna share a funny thing just happen a minute before this reply.
The 0 degree center point is back.

What I did is, I restart the wheel but accidently touch the wheel with a few degree turning, it goes to 0 degree when startup process finish.