How to report a bug?


I have a found a bug in the simucube configuration tool that I can reproduce.

If I plug my simucube into a usb slot directly on the motherboard everything works fine. If I plug it into a slot on a PCIe USB card then the simucube configuration tool hangs (becomes unresponsive) at the point that it is scanning for the hardware.

I don’t believe this is an issue with the PCIe card as the simucube shows up fine and works as expected in the generic windows usb game controllers menu and you can see the input change. Same with other tools like diview.

I’m willing to work with the devs if they want to show me how to generate debug logs for them.

As above, I’m not stuck with this, as I can just use the USB port on the motherboard, but happy to help as it’s probably a simple enough fix.

Using fw 1.0.40.


This is known to happen on some AsMedia USB chipsets, and its a driver issue in the USB drivers of that chip.


Thanks for the quick response. As you suspected, it is an AsMedia chipset (inateck redcomet u23).

Thanks for your help.


yeah, I think it is to do with “large” HID packets. The specification allows to use maximum site of 64 bytes, which Simucube uses for the communication API that is used by the PC software, so thats why everything works fine until the special API packets are being used. The hang happens somewhere in the device driver / windows USB stack code, and as it does not happen on any other chips, it clearly is an issue with that chip. Could even be a hardware bug.

Is it using AsMedia driver or one from Microsoft, AsMedia provided drivers were know for different set of issues and it was a recommendation from MS to use Windows WHQL instead. You can do it via Device Manager.

Yeah, it seems like the hardware is OK and that the issue is with the drivers. The reason I say that is because I believe it worked in Windows 10, but not when I upgraded to Windows 11. Unfortunately I don’t know what driver I was running before, but it looks like new drivers where installed as part of the upgrade.