How to open the Simucube tool @ the same location?

I’m using the Simucube firmware version 1.0.30, but every time I open it, it likes to start at a place that are really annoying, it starts right at the top of my center screen, and on this screen I have the taskbar at the top, as I have a 5" monitor as a dashboard screen over my wheel.

The problem is that I have to make the taskbar auto hide every time I start my pc, just so I can grab the Simucube tool window and move it t my 5th screen that is placed over the other screens, and it’s getting tiresome, to do this every time I start my pc for some racing.

How do I make the window open in a position of my choosing as I can with all other app I use?

We can’t

I don’t know how other apps can then, but I belive it’s possible, at least I hope so.

It’s on Todo list of Mika

It is not opening near to any border of the desktop area on my computer. I wonder what causes it to open in such a location.

How many screens do you have?

5 screens.

I have just build a new pc, and on the old pc, it always opened at the top left screen, and I used nVidia surround on that pc, and found out I could move it by pressing CTRL-ALT-X I think it was, but on this pc, I’m not using nVidia surround, and it opens at the same place as before, just on the center screen, but I can’t grab it and move as already explained.

I hope we get a fix for this.

I think I will take a look at this later today, there is another simucube 1 fix on the todo list anyway.

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Click on it so the Simucube window is active and press the windows key, keep it pressed and use the arrows to move it around. See if that helps?

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I’ll try that the next time I’m in my rig.

I have had some problems with this pc, using a 5 screen setup, so I’m back to a 4 screen setup, and after I moved the Simucube tool yesterday, it’s not opening up at the top behind the taskbar, but at the middle of the center monitor, and I can move it, to where I want to, but it will just not open up there, but it’s a lot better that I can just grab it now, and move it, without the problem I used to have.