How to mount SC2 QR on Simulaje F1S?

Hi guys,

I’m new here and since of today a proud owner of a SC2 Pro with a F1S wheel from Augurysimulations. I’m just unpacking everything and found out I need to mount the SC2 QR on the wheel myself. The SC2 QR is with my SC2 Pro, but can’t figure out how to do this. Anybody else here have experience with mounting a SC2 QR on a Simulaje F1S wheel?




I’ll do it tomorrow morning since I received my SC2 this morning and already had the F1S!

First thing is to unscrew the six screws on the front of the wheel. Then dislodge the metal rods from the back. You’ll then be able to screw this part to the QRS then put it back on!



Awesome! I was as far as to unscrew the six screws at the front, but didn’t know how to proceed! Thanx for the help and will try your instructions!

Post some pics too! I’m sure I’m gonna need some help tomorrow too!

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I’ll try! And please post some pics as well in case I didn’t do it correctly.

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I ended up doing it like this. First I unscrewed the two parts of the backplate like in the following picture.

Than I used the nuts that were initially on the inside of the backplate (like in your picture) and used them with the 6 bolts that came with the F1S and screwed the spacer in the 6 holes like in the following picture.

Than I used the 4 bolts that came with the F1S to screw the QR on top of the spacer from picture 2. And I ended up with this result. Do you think this is correct?

I couldn’t find another way to keep using the second metal plate (the part on the left) and the 70mm adapter (the part in the middle) as shown in the following picture.

Do you think I mounted it correctly?

I took this picture from a YT video and it looks like I’ve mounted it the same way.


As long as it’s rock solid, mate ^^

I’ll have a look tomorrow morning!

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Btw, when I ordered the wheel at Augury Simulations, they provided a link with instructions on how to use the F1S. I totally missed that. It shows how to fix the old quick release, but not the new SC2 one. Will see if I can fix the new QR based on those instructions.

Missed that too, mate. Can you copy it here please?

Link here to PDF

Link to all guides


Thanks, mate!! Appreciate it ^^


I had to go to the store to gather 4 or m5 bolts 40mm else it wont fit

@Brawli, you don’t happen to have a picture of your wheel, right?

You mean as example?

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Yeah, I meant so I can compare how I fixed my QR and see if that’s correct or not.

this is what I did, mate ^^20191026_115728 20191026_120656

Very simple and efficient, indeed!

20191026_120716 20191026_121517 20191026_123340


This is what I was left with:

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@dECEIT70 Thank you for the clear instructions! I’m going to mount it like that as well I think as it gives an extra 5mm or so of space. Thanx again for posting the photos and clear instructions!