How to mount a sparco wheel to SC QR? (while preserving horn button)

Hi, asking the pros for some advice.

A friend just got a new sparco wheel and a spare SC2 Wheelside QR kit.

He really likes the horn button that came with the wheel, but it looks like he’ll have to remove the whole horn button assembly to mount the wheel to the SC2 QR.

Has anyone run across this before - he’s looking for a way to preserve the Horn button (It doesn’t have to work, he just likes the looks of it)

Looking for advice on adapters, etc. that might help.


How about some M5 standoffs between the wheel and QR parts to make space for the button?

Or better yet, M5 spacers.

Oh I really like that solution, should look very nice…
Any concerns over torque on something like that?

Those work just fine when used with sensible torque. Can’t recommend with constant abuse on Simucube 2 Ultimate, though.

This could also be a solution

Although the thinnest one seems to be 10mm

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