How to know the in-game torque curve/peak


I would like to know how we can show the steering torque curve/torque peak while we are driving in-game or, if not, after we finish the session in a saved file or something like this. I would like to see that to make a comparison between the SimuCUBE force and real cars. Thank you.


Please, any sort of information? Is it possible to know, will be a feature in the future…? Thank you.

Real time force output logging is not currently implemented in Simucube products. However, some simulators (iRacing, but others as well) can save their telemetry to a file which you can analyze. Doing a conversion from telemetry force level to strength at the wheel, taking advantage of iRacing FFB slider setting and the True Drive maximum torque setting, should be quite straightforward.

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Mercedes AMG GT3
Overall strenght in True Driver: 100 %
FFB strenght in iRacing: 1.6

Mercedes AMG GT3
Overall strenght in True Driver: 100 %
FFB strenght in iRacing: 8.6

I don’t know if these are the correct parameters that I must see in MoTeC. I only see that with a high FFB gain value in iRacing, at the same 50 Nm of torque peak (for example), the porcentage of strenght of the SimuCUBE is at 95 %. With a lower FFB gain in iRacing, 50 Nm of steering wheel torque corresponds to a porcentage of 30 % in the SimuCUBE. Anyone can help me to continue the comparison? Thank you.

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first of all you should display iracing gain in Nm, not it %

In both cases I had 1 Nm in iRacing controls. Just now I have tried with 40 Nm in the iRacing slider and the result in MoTeC is the same than the first case (50 Nm peak/30 %), more or less.

Comparing forces on paper from a game FFB system to real life is far from a valid comparison. They are systems which operate completely fundamentally different to eachother with game FFB being an active system + velocity or position based and real life being a passive/reactive system + basically torque-based (and on top of that not to mention all the physical mass and inertia in real life steering systems being much, much higher than game FFB systems).

The on-paper numbers won’t mean much when the fundamental system is completely different.

A large reason why high forces in real life are much more “comfortable” and controllable - rather than feeling like the wheel has a brain and is therefore doing the work and moving you - is due to real-life being a passive (ie. reactive) system.

I know that it’s difficult to make a comparison, but at least I’d know the torque peak of our OSW. I think that it shouldn’t be very difficult. Thanks for opinion.

I think the only thing you can do is use telemetry to log the steering force generated from the game’s vehicle. Then compare that to the force the game is set to equal 100%. Then whatever % that is, use that same % to but of your TD’s max torque setting.

Sorry, but what means the acronym TD? While I was reading your replay I had the same idea… :smiley: I’ll try in some minutes and I’ll post my conclusions. Many thanks.

TD # True Drive

Ya. TD is just the program we use to adjust the Simucube’s settings. It stands for True Drive. Where your FFB overall power setting is in TD it will say it in percent as well as torque (Nm).

Yeah, thank you. So we have some data: 53 Nm of torque peak at telemetry curve (I assume it corresponds to the 8 Nm more or less of real GT3 cars torque peak) that corresponds to a 25,1 Nm of SC2 torque peak if we put 10.0 of gain on the iRacing FFB setting. From here I don’t know how to calculate the iRacing gain or SC2 max percentage that we have to put if we want to simulate the max real GT3 car force…:relieved:

Finally, I found a YouTube video where we can be able to adjust our SC2 wheels. The DD2 has 25 Nm of torque peak, the same as my SC2 Pro, and when he puts 35 % of force strenght it corresponds to 10,7 Nm of torque peak. I think that a GT3 car doesn’t reach 10,7 Nm but 7 or 8 Nm, so I only have to decrease the percentage a little (doing some calculations) to configure the TD setting to that. I hope this video will be useful for all SC2 owners and thank you for helping.

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Anyway, we have other problem I think… The real GT3 cars have power steering, and I think that almost games don’t simulate this thing, so we can simulate the max torque peak but I don’t know if we can simulate the real steering force (with power steering) maintaining the same 8 Nm of max torque peak. Maybe there is any TD setting to modify the wheel force strenght but that it no varies the max torque peak?

Edit: Talking with a friend, maybe we don’t need more modifications because when we are adjust the 8 Nm torque peak of a GT3 real car (with power steering) it means that we are already adjusting our wheel to a steering force with power steering…

Bumping old thread.
Having torque graphs for debugging and FFB tuning would be superb feature, even better if we have negative/positive for left/right force like on Motec chart from @Iketani and (a man can dream, right?) graphs for DI effects plotted on the same chart or separately.

“This is why we vaccinate our kids. This is science, it works!” :grinning:

But ACC doesn’t have FFB torque graphic for MoTec. :frowning: