How to judge whether SC2PRO R2 is the latest version?

Just like the question of the title:How to judge whether SC2PRO R2 is the latest version?
I am very confused~I have watched countless unboxing videos of sc2pro R2, and some are equipped with 280W or 300W or even dual power supplies,But the page I purchased shows that it is equipped with a 450W power supply~~In addition, for the latest version of SC2PRO R2, is the back plate flat or a version with a recess?
Why is simucube’s product line so inconsistent?

The first version had an internal WiFi antenna and two PSUs, there was then another version with an external WiFi antenna and two PSUs. And now there is the R2 with the single PSU

It’s not really inconsistent but rather updated versions


The product has been on the market for quite some time, and indeed one major revision was made in August 2020, and packaging was updated in August 2021. Continuous improvement, however the FFB performance of all revisions is identical.

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all Simucube 2 Pro’s have either 2x 280 W (discontinued in August 2020,should not be available as new anymore) or 300 W (450 W peak) PSU.

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I seem to understand, thank you!

Has the SC2PRO R2 450W version solved the problem of abnormal noise? Can it keep quiet in any scene? Communicating with a 2pro user, once he increases the (Slow rate limit), there will be abnormal noises similar to metal friction.

R1 - 2x280 Watt Meanwell PSUs, external antenna, only first batch was missing it. Easily accessible rocker type power switch button on the back on the left side.
R2 - single Phihong PSU 300 Watt as rated by manufacturer, can handle up to 450watt accordingly to Simucube, revised internal board, harder to reach toggle power switch on the back in the center.