How to get started with Simucube?


Is there any guide for this out there?
I`m all new to this. I have now connected all the equipment that I recently got from Simracingbay, but I can’t find any devices etc. on my computer. I’m using windows 10. Shouldn’t there pup up a little window asking me to setup something? Do I have to download a drive?
I have searched on the forum and site, but can’t find anything about a basic start up procedure.
Now I’m sitting here like a moron!
Thanks for any kind of help.

Contact Tomo at simracingbay. He will help you get setup.

Hi Daniel,
have you checked Manual/Starting guide which i sent you on last email:

If any additional help would be needed, let me know over email. I am operational almost 24/7 :slight_smile:


I told you Tomo would help.:grin:

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Thanks guys!
Haha, Tomo, I forgot that mail right after reading it :sweat_smile:

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