How to factory reset SC2 Pro?


A short while ago I was experimenting with quite a few different custom profiles, particularly for iRacing.

At one point after saving in the TD software I noticed some strange metallic noises from the wheelbase, some quite aggressive and loud while driving, to the point of being quite concerned.

I removed some profiles, power cycled and also re-flashed the firmware in case there was a corruption somewhere. This stopped the noises but I now don’t have the confidence that I have a wheel base that is working as I remember it when I first bought it.

Is there a way to factory reset the wheelbase, back to how it was when I first purchased it?

I don’t mind about losing profiles, etc., I just want to have the peace-of-mind that everything is back to factory settings so I can start from scratch.



There are no parameters or settings within the device that would not be reset by just creating a new profile and using it. But, you might want to check the Hardware settings tab settings, by default they have hands off detection = high and resonance reduction = checked.

Hi Mika

Thanks for the reply.

I remember reading about the different parameters you mentioned as I was going through my initial extensive testing and had them set as advised on the forum.

My issue seemed to crop up after a particular save, after I had adjusted some of the general force parameters, which is why I assumed a ‘bad’ save had occurred. Once I had done the things I described in my original post everything seemed fine again.

Still, it’s good to know that creating a new profile effectively resets everything, as you mentioined.

Would still like to factory reset if it was ever possible though, just to satisfy my paranoia :slight_smile:



Like Mika says, basically using the original default profile will essentially ‘factory reset’ your device to as-shipped condition.

There is no user-access to (internal) parameters like in the older Simucube 1 boards, as there is no need for anyone to access those due to the ‘defined’ servos GD uses on the SC2. Internal Parameters are programmed at the factory as a one-shot exercise and remain fixed for that servo/controller combination for life.

They don’t/won’t change for any reason.


Hi Beano

Thanks for the explanation, I think both you and Mika have put my mind at rest regarding my concerns.


Is there a way to reset the profiles to back to default, i.e., clear all the new ones I’ve created and the built-in ones I may have edited?

I’d like to get back to having just the profiles that were there from new.



A new unit does not have any profiles, so just by deleting all your profiles you will be as-new.