How to connect rotary encoder to X12?

how is it possible to connect a rotary encoder to x12 port? I have these encoders Link.
Where do I have to connect the +pin to? Or do I have the wrong encoders for this purpose?

thanks in advance

I found a datasheet for that here:

It certainly helps, the pinout on the module itself is just named in a confusing way.

Thanks, this helps a lot but I am still not certain about how to connect the +pin to SimuCube. Will I have to use an external power supply (5V) to be able to use rotary encoders at the x12 port?

it appears the module has pull-up resistors to the +pin. Simucube has the pull-ups inside the PCB, so you do not need to connect anything to +pin.

All-in-all, very confusing module this one.

Could you or maybe someone else recommend a different rotary encoder that is better for being used directly with SimuCUBE’s x12 port?

I wasn’t able to use the encoders with SimuCUBE. If input mode is set up as buttons the rotation makes the signal jump back and forth between the 2 button pins they are connected to. If configured as encoder nothing happens.

My idea is to try it with an external 5V power source connected to the GRD and + Pins of the encoder. Could this cause damage if it fails?

Would CTS 288 rotary encoders work as intended like those from Leo Bodnar?

We have tested CTS 288.

Do not connect 5V to the module.

Did you set up the buttons as encoder inputs in Simucube settings?

There also was a bug in previous fw versions that only the other X12 input worked in encoder mode. It was fixed in 1.0.22 and up. But the encoder mode must be manually enabled. There is a UI to do this in Hardware Settings tab.

Ah ok, I tried only the lower X12 input because the upper is already occupied. I am still using version 0.11.2 but will update soon.

Encoder works at the upper X12 port. Thanks.

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