How to connect analog devices to simcube


I have a question regarding small mige+simcube regarding (how to connect analog devices to simcube).

My hardware/sw configuration is:
-ioni pro v10707
-small mige
-simcube v0.10.3
-martin asher´s paddle shifters

I have several questions regarding how to connect some periphericals (my paddle shiftters, handbrake, buttons/rotarys,…).

If I look at this pic … pin8 is gnd and pin1-7 are available for each of any analog button I want to use. So I should assign, let’s say for one of my paddle shifters, pin8 for gnd and pin1. If I add my second paddle shifter, I should assign pin8 again and then pin2. Am I right?

How should I proceed for connecting a rotary (no push function)? pin8 for gnd, and then pin2 and 3 ( or 4 and 5/or 6 and 7)? And what for is used pin 1 in this scenario?

Any other thoughts I should take into account?

Glad to have some support since want to design my own buttonplate and in the meantime I need to have a “spare”-functional plate working with my asher paddle shifters and some basic buttons/rotarys.


It’s binary or digital buttons…not analog. But yes, gnd is the common pin that has to go to one end of each switch, the other side of the switch goes to the related pin input.

Same thing for the encoders, gnd goes to the center/common pin on each encoder, the one pin of the encoder output goes to CW and the other to CCW pin on the Simucube input…

Rotary Selector switches will have a single common pin that will go to pin8, correct, the other pins could go to any of the open switch inputs on the Simucube…in effect, a rotary selector is just really a bunch of switches arranged in a circular configuration with a single rotating disk ‘pushing’ one switch at a time…


@phillip.vanrensburg is correct. Support for configuring the X12 inputs to different modes was added in the latest firmware version. Also, the rotary encoder code has been tested with only one encoder make and model, which uses 1 pulse per detent. If you find an encoder that does not work, then please report model number to us so we can test and add support.

Great news! Will report back when I test my buttons/rotary’s.

Yes and when the Port is set to Encoders the Pin 1 acts as a single digital input so when the port is set to encoders you have 1 button press available and 3 encoder pairs If you happen to have 3 encoders with push buttons and you want to use all three pushbuttons you will have to split the button inputs to the other X12 port whichever one.

The X12 Ports can be set up as:
14 Buttons (using Both Ports as buttons)
8 Buttons + 3 Encoders (One port set to Encoders)
2 buttons + 6 Encoders (Both Ports Set for Encoders)

Dual Use Options:
(uses a dedicated shift button on Pin 7 of one Button Port to allow a second dedicated button press)
26 Buttons (using Both Ports as buttons w/ the Dedicated Pin 7 Button Shift Enabled)
14 Buttons + 6 Encoders (One Port set to Encoders w/ the Dedicated Pin 7 Button Shift Enabled)

All grounds are common on Pin 8 of either port.

As Mika said the timing and complete functionality of the Encoders is still being worked on, They will work but some encoders types could feel slow to respond and/or initiate multiple button pressed per dentent… So any information on issues and encoder type would be good to have to fine tune the decoding parameters. It would actually be good to know which are functioning perfectly as well in speed and timing.

Hi! I could make it to solder some buttons and now I want to try them. First thing I cannot solve is how to assign the buttons within Simcube.
I have Simcube in OperatingMode=operational.
I enter hardwareSetup>configure analog inputs>and I see this menu:

If I click on any of the 7 “input Select”, I get several options but none shows the x12 option.
Also, as you can see in the pic attached, the list only shows:

x11 upper 1,2,3,5,6
x11 lower 2,3,5,6,7
external port 1,2,3
So, I don´t understand the pinout. For x11 upper 4 is missing? For x11 lower 1 is missing? what are the 3 external ports for?
I am running SC firmware 0.10.3 and IONI 10707.
I think I should get the x12 option here too, right?
Any help is welcome.

Buttons work without any separate configuration in that version. There is a dialog for configuring buttons in 0.11.0.

Pin 4 is missing because it is the voltage supply! Do not connect a button input to it!

Thx Mika! I just missed I was not running 0.11.0.
Now everything is working fine. Only the x12 upper &down “BUTTONS” option tested.

I have been looking around for an rj45 to rj45 coiled cable. Surpringsinly I could not find anyone selling 1 or 2 units. Maybe anyone can help me? I don´t know if just the cable is sold and I can finish it myself. Hope to find a solution since this is a great option for connecting my button-box!