How to change True Drive wheel UI graphics?


I dont want to play with that kind of legal issues, i think is the best for everyone hahaha
My experience tells me to not play with big brands (Porsche ejem)


I can confirm, it’s not working for me too. I even downloaded some of the images found here on the forum to be sure I wasn’t doing something wrong, but it does not appear in TD. rebooted both SC2 and pc, double checked the file extension, still doesn’t work. I succedeed to do the same process with SC1, and it worked perfectly every time.


@BattlestarGalactica prova senza estenzione e vedrai che funziona

try without extension and you’ll see that it works


già provato, sia mostrando l’estensione e verificando che non fosse .png.png che togliendo entrambe le estensioni.

already tried, both verifying there was no png.png and without extension at all.


I am using Ascher Racing F1 wheel graphic with his permission


I tried today and it worked right away just putting the photo with the name wheelimage only. I tried with a picture of the forum that has the link above .boh


Most likely you have file extensions hidden (the default setting in Windows is like that). It will show wheelimage.png as wheelimage - it hides .png file extension.