How to buy Simucube1?

Hello, I would like to know whether simucube1 is still available for purchase.It needs to be mailed to China.

Yes it is still available on our Granite Devices webstore.

Do you mean just the Simucube 1 control board or a complete assembled package?

Buy a complete assembled package

Nobody that I know of is still building and selling SC1. The cost of the components add up quite quickly.

There are used units up for sale frequently.

Thank you.Unfortunately, I learned that Simucube and Ioni could not pass Chinese customs in the near future。So I bought the Complete Assembled package in the second-hand market

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You are very welcome.
If you need help getting setup with your SC1, post here on the forums. I am sure one of us can help you. :wink:

The Simucube and Loni boards can pass Chinese customs. Just be careful when you purchase an SC1 in China. There’s a lot of illegal copy boards here.

Indeed, there have been some quite good copies around, possibly sold in Aliexpress sometime in 2019.

Thanks for your reminding, WHAT I bought is the genuine Simmucibe, not the replica, the replica cannot use the new version of firmware