How much does steering wheel mass and diameter affect performance?

I know the mass and diameter of the steering wheel will affect the SC2’s ability to rotate the steering wheel, but how much? I’m running a SC2pro.

Will any of the standard race car steering wheels (Momo mod 78, Sparco r383, OMP Targa) in the 320-370mm range work well?

Is it worthwhile to look at all aluminum wheels that seem to run about 30-40% lighter than regular wheels (such as the OMP Velocita Superleggero or MPI-F-13-C)?

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I have many wheels and now mainly use a heavy 35 cm Momo Competition wheel on my SC2 Sport. I don’t feel any weakness or slower reaction of the wheelbase whatsoever.

Can’t be answered unambiguously, but this and this may help in understanding.

Thanks Tommi,

Those links are useful. I understand the physics from a theoretical perspective. Trying to get an handle on it from a practical perspective.

I had a chance to weight some wheel today:

Sparco R383 - 1000g
Momo mod 78 - 820g
OMP super quadro - 860g

All three are 330mm and all three have aluminum spokes, so most of the difference in mass is in the rim.

How much difference in feel would there be between the Sparco @ 1000g and the Momo @ 820g? I really like the Sparco, but I don’t want to noticeably diminish the ffb.

What are the general feelings of the Granite Devices Testers regarding using real racing wheels in the 320-370mm range?

You are overthinking it.
25nm SC2 Pro has plenty of headroom to handle all the wheels you listed, just adjust gain when you switching between different rims.

Well, the first thing to ask yourself would probably be that are you using your wheelbase with full torque all the time already and if not, you could consider to compensate such inertia differences with using higher torque setting with different wheels.

But as I said, it is rather difficult to answer unambiguously as people have different feel “abilities”. One way to evaluate this would also be to test drive the different wheels with the same settings and if no difference can be felt, then there probably aren’t noticeable differences between the wheels.

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Interesting theme!

I have a very good “all terrain” profile for a 32cm round wheel and near 2kg (button box, extension and QR) but im unable to repro the same feeling when switching to a 28cm formula rim and 1.5kg.

I would like to maintain the same Torque on TrueDrive (7.5Nm on the round wheel) and to do changes on servo filters only.
Round wheel filters:
-damping: 4.9
-friction: 0
-inertia: 2.1

What I need to tune for the small formula wheel?