How do I use the serial port behind the sim cube 2?

There is a guide or something like that where you explain how and what you can connect to the serial port of sim cube 2.

It is not a serial port, but a multi-purpose expansion connector. We have not disclosed its features and documentation yet, but we will do so at some point soon.

Please do not attempt to connect any serial device on to the connector.

Are there any news about the expansion port?
Racewerk has a new pedal set on the way that can be connected directly to this port.
I am interested in connecting buttons and other device as well

We are working on it. Currently it would bring too many support requests from DIY community. If you are developing commercial devices, we can give full pinout.

In general, it has

  • +5V and GND (120mA max supply current)
  • 0-5V TTL level serial port (currently outputs debug data). Can also be configured for SPI.
  • two digital inputs for e.g. sequental shifter - already show up as buttons 1 and 2 in Simucube 2
  • 4 analog inputs (0-5V)
  • 2 open-collector outputs that are PWM capable.
  • On Simucube 2 Ultimate, CAN bus (no software support yet).
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thanks, so at this stage we only have 4 buttons available space on it? correct?

two buttons, for sequental shift up / down.

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