How can I get rid of the "Beeps and gets heavy when trying the recover the car"

I am primarly talking about ACC here.

Most times, when the car breaks out and I try to recover a potential spin, my SC2 beeps a few times and the wheel gets heavy. This annoys the hell out of me. I have already set damping to zero, but this killed my today in a wet Snetterton race :frowning:

How can I get rid of this?

Take a look at the “hands off detection” setting in the hardware settings tab.

Ahhh! It is set to high - so that’s what it is doing!

Is it problematic to disable it completely, or should it be at least on the low setting?

Thank you, Mika!

Its not problematic to have it on low or off. I have it at low, helps in some situations / crashes :slight_smile:

What condition triggers its activation on Low, I’ve had it on Low since the beginning and honestly can’t remember that it was ever activated, even when I go off wheel completely in crashes.

Maybe it’s ok to have it high on some sims where crashes are more violent in the wheel like iRacing. I think AC and ACC don’t give that much force when crashing so it’s safer to keep it off even. (I do)

Slew rate limit to 0 is often a mistake caused by a misconception: off is no limitation on Newton meters per time unit while 0 limits the force to none force at all. In most sims it doesn’t make sense.

This is on by default in iRacing sins season 1 or 2 2021.
So you should not have any problems with broken fingers any more. :wink:

FFBUseForceLimiter=1 ; 1 - limit force of impacts and oscillations
In the app.ini under Force Feedback