High torque only at slow speed in iRacing

I have a SC2 Pro, and am pretty new with it. I also just started playing iRacing yesterday, and have been trying to adjust a number of settings.

Before taking you all down a rabbit hole, I’m wondering if there’s a single setting that’d help solve the issue I’m dealing with.

Everything feel great for the FFB except when I’m at a super slow speed. Let’s say I exit the track and wreck, the start to drive back towards the track, the SC2 will engage at full force when I start driving. But once I’m going, it’s fine.

I will also say that I’m using irFFB, and am using an online profile that was one of the highest rated ones. So I didn’t set this all up myself. But I’m guessing there’s a single function that’d solve this.

I’ve answered over at iRacing, I saw your question there also.

So what was the solution, for future reference?

My recommendation at iRacing:

“ Just as a quick test, and keeping approximate ffb strength ratio similar:

Reduce Overall strength in Simucube True Drive from 100 -> 80%

Reduce max-force slider in iRacing from 41 -> 33NM.

It will impact telemetry setpoint if it exceeds 33NM, but let me know if this feels better than what you had before, dealing with slow driving off-track…

ps: Also disable iRFFB before we do those tests, to see if it is impacting…”

Some cars like the Lotus T79 can do weird things under 50 Km/h

Yes, they can. Especially in iRacing in the pits, or when trapped somewhere next to a wall, etc. Just seeing if we can reduce max servo amplifier torque, if it would improve his situation. If not, he can hit e-stop and disengage after he is in safe spot, if this is a concern to him.

With that said, it is a bit pointless video by that guy, if he doesn’t show the TD settings for that profile. I suspect 1:1 torque and zero filtering.

Then an invitation to him: Go and do the same test with most other Dd wheels, and let’s see how bad the behaviour would be :). I will be extremely surprised if it is not much more severe. In general, some People need to understand relationship between latency, sim ffb update rate, filters and such things.

Plus, like you said, low-speed ffb in iRacing. Seems some guys are trying to find ways to prove dd wheel is behaving badly, when in reality it is not knowing what they are doing combined with some physics issues in the sim.

Just imho.

It’s clearly to see that this scares the driver, especially BEFORE starting. He knows what’s coming, and remember how it was when it happened unexpectedly.

This is something we all should bear in mind: this is no toy, it can be dangerous. On FB, there are videos and pictures with people having kids in the rig, let kids playing rollercoaster with motion platforms. The safety button is no gadget, doesn’t belong behind the wheel or close to it. In general it should be possible to reach it instantly, and out of the danger zone.

Anything wild generated by iRFFB via its telemetry effects (that is, same thing does not happen if you do not run iRFFB) should be reported to iRFFB support.

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