High-pitched, loud screech noise from new SC2 Pro

This has happened a few times in and out of game.

All of a sudden I’ll get a very high-pitched noise, almost like a screeching noise. At first I thought it was coming from maybe screws or threads stripping or some sort of friction or something in the quick-release area but then I started thinking maybe it’s coming from the motor like the audible beeps it’s capable of.

Whenever it’s happened, there’s 1 thing in common, I’ll suddenly get a loadful of damping for that second or so in conjunction with the high-pitched, loud screech. When it happened 7 or 8 times in-game, it was during a slide. After I finished adding opposite lock to correct a slide, I had to suddenly snap the wheel back to centre pretty hard and fast in a very snap-like fashion. When this happened, it was a very fast opposite change of direction, almost instantaneous left-to-right or right-to-left instead of turning the wheel, holding it there for a moment (like you do in most realistic slides) and then after a moment or so you return back to centre. Automobilista, and to a slightly lesser extent RFactor 2, often require having to suddenly snap the wheel back to centre the instant a slide’s angle stops increasing rather than modulating the slide and opposite lock back to centre in a controlled fashion. This often means that the instant you’re finished adding opposite lock, you have to instantly snap the wheel back to centre instead of basically holding the wheel stationary for a second or so. Every once in a while when I do this hard, fast opposite change of direction, I feel and hear the issue. It’s not often but has happened probably 10 times in 2 evening of playing.

I was doing some quick left-right movements while at the desktop (can’t remember if AMS was closed down or just alt-tabbed out of) and then same thing occured: upon the direction change (eg. first turning left then suddenly turning right), I felt a bunch of damping suddenly kick in for a moment in conjunction with the very high-pitched, loud squeeling sound.

This sounds like the hands off detection to me based on behavior and your interaction, try disabling that under the cog tab.

Even if I never let go of the wheel (I was controlling the car)?

OK, I’ll disable the hands off detection and play. If it never happens again then thank you. Hopefully you’re correct.

Yes, I’m not sure how the detection mechanism works, but granity themselves suggested disabling this for rally games for example. and it does dampen the wheel if it thinks there’s no hands on the wheel. It also messes with drifting, but I obviously don’t have my hands on the wheel quite a bit while drifting.

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If A) they suggested disabling it for rally games and B) it dampens the wheel when it kicks in, then it sounds like you’re right about the hands-off detection being what I’m experiencing. I’ll disable it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can try to disable clipping warning system (even you get close to the clipping point the unit make short noises). If its gone you know what to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same worries. But after bit of research it was just the clipping warning function

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I feel damping kicking in at the same time. Wouldn’t that therefore be the hands-off detection?

I’d be very surprised if it’s the clipping warning system. No game should ever clip from countersteering or S.A.T. There are very serious FFB and/or physics problems with a game if it tells a wheel to output that much power for S.A.T. forces.

I did a post a couple days ago where I was wondering about the noises because when I drive the Merc GT3 in iRacing I got a lot of clipping during high damping signals. With the same setup for true drive everything works flawless for Audi R8 oder GTE cars… very strong feedback without getting clipping. Sometimes the indicator gets red for ms but that is ok.

With the Merc the indactor went crazy red for 1-2 seconds and that couses the noises from my unit.

You get a lot damping during this noises because you are clipping at the moment.

It is worth a try

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