High peaks on bumps and curbs

Hey everyone, for most time iam using beanos settings on my simucube2 pro, and iam pretty happy with that. On some tracks like nordschleife there are so many bumps and curbs that i get so high peaks in ffb, that it became a bit exhausting after a while. But i still like the ffb overall like it is. I tried some things but couldn’t get a solution to avoid it. Somebody have some settings to try or know what filter exactly is responsible for that? Greetings Max

Have you tried slew at 0.1-0.2? That will smooth/soften the bumps.

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will try it out, thank you

alternative solution is to lower the max strength in TD and increase the FF in iRacing.

I use the “ Static Force Reduction” to reduce the ffb en curves when turn the wheel and it feels heavy. Just increase the value ( a little, slowly)

I use the “ Slew Rate Limit“ to reduce the vibrations caused for bumps and kerbs. Increase until reduce the bumps. If increase the value too much, it feels like a elastic bed.

I hope that this tips hell you.

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lower slew rate is the key, thank you everyone :v: