Hi, Simucube 1 update, or leave alone 🥸

Been on a simucube 1 small midge for a few years
Pretty much plugged it in and that’s it

Would you update …

Or leave alone because it’ll just become a pain in the ****

Is updating a big improvement

Thx :blush:

For some reference, what version are you on currently?

Like Said above what version are you on now? ^

If you like how everything feels now and you are on Simucube software not MMOS
I would most likely say if you are not in a hurry to get a wireless wheel based on the Simucube wireless module just wait.

And even if you wanting wireless are and you are on the SC1 you can upgrade to it on the SC1…

Right now I am personally not totally convinced that an upgrade from an SC1 is worth the $$$ outlay… The SC2 has some niceties which I have to verify when I go back to my SC1 Large from an SC2 Pro but I am not totally sure that there is really that much difference in feel that says get me.

I’m on whatever it came with, will check

Think I think might be mmos

Brion I think he is talking about upgrading to a newer version of Simucube software not upgrading to SC2?

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If you are on MMOS then I would upgrade to the Simucube software.

Definitely upgrade to the SimuCUBE software if that is the case.

Yeah sorry, software update is the question

Is it a worthwhile step going up from mmos

Yes if you indeed have a Simucube board it is worth the upgrade to Simucube software.

There are quite a few more filter options in the Simucube software and you could upgrade to the Biss C encoder if you can find one.

Just be aware in a few very rare instances people have had hardware fail during the upgrade.