Heusinkveld Pedal Flickering - Is the Simucube 2 the Problem?

Hello all,

I have a problem with my Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals that may be caused by the Simucube 2 Ultimate. The problem simply can not be fixed. The brake flickers again and again (Please Take a look on the two Pictures). This is clearly visible in the telemetry data. I am therefore also in contact with the support of Heusinkveld, which really give a lot of effort. The UBS port and load cell have been replaced and the brake has been recalibrated several times. The flickering just does not go away. The brake is grounded, which can also be excluded. A possible cause is that the Simucube 2 Ultimate and the brake interfere with each other. If you have an idea what could eliminate the problem I would be very grateful. Greetings

It is likely some type of a ground loop issue. Have you tried to ground the Heusinkveld controller to the rig, and have you tried to route Simucube’s USB cable to perhaps a different USB controller on the PC?

Yes, the USB box is grounded to the brake pedal and I have plugged the USB cables into other USB ports several times.

The Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals come with a cable for grounding next to the equipment, they even have a video on the channel explaining it, it’s worth a try.
Another suggestion is to buy the upgrade kit for Ultimate plus because the new controller will probably solve this problem, it has a better construction to avoid these types of problems.
Good luck.

Does it stabilize if you engage E-stop?
Also you mentioned you had your brake grounded, did you follow steps in this bulletin?

Another thing, the USB cable for Simucube, is it shielded kind with ferrite chokes, at least on one end?

Thanks for your help. The flickering of the pedals is only present while driving - when braking in the curves. Switching it off by e-stop is therefore not meaningful in my opinion.

The USB box is grounded according to the Heusinkveld description. Also I checked in DIVIEW if there are any reactions on brake or gas when I move the steering wheel. This is not the case.

The Simucube is simply mounted as it is supplied as standard. What exactly do you mean by ferrite chokes? What would I have to do?

Upgrading the Ultimate to Ultimate+ might be a possibility, however the UP grade kit is not available at the moment. The answer to the possibility if everything would be better with the Ultimate+ is still pending from Heusinkveld.

Thanks for your support - just drove Sebring and the brake is flickering as ever.


Yes, such a cable is installed on the Simucube.

I have dealt with my share of EMI/grounding issues on OSW. Here’s an excellent write up from Mr. Beano on how to deal with it on older HW.
And my HE handbrake was a bit pain in the back, the only way I could calm it down was this

But I did not have to do any of this with SC2 Pro.
What you describe is a bit weird though. As on OSW brake pedal reading started flickering in DIView the moment you turn on the wheel base and were stabilizing with it off or e-stop engaged.
Seems like in your case it happens only under load. Any chance that some connection like USB is just a bit loose and moves a bit under vibration from high torque.

The only thing I can think of is an error in the calibration - but I know the videos for DiView and also for Iracing almost by memory. I have also done this several times, in my opinion, this is also correct. I am really a bit helpless.

Hi! I am having the same problem (picture below), but it only happens with the Porsche GT3 R. I can reproduce the problem everytime with the Porsche, but tried the BMW, Mercedes and they are fine.

What car are you having trouble with? It feels to me like this could be a software issue.

For me:

  • DiView is fine (no flickering)
  • No flickering in iracings config menu
  • Brake pedal is grounded
  • Flickering while driving the Porsche GT3 R, but not the BMW or Mercedes


I also had this problem when I had HE Ultimate (DiView), they were grounded, after I switched to HE Ultimate Plus (Smart Control) I never had it again.

Thank you very much for your advice. I drive the Porsche 992 GT3 Cup and occasionally the GT3 R. However, I have also done tests with the Dallara LMP2 and there the brake also flickers. The reference to the Ultimate + and the elimination of D-View is also a possible solution I see, but the upgrade kit is not available for months. I will write to Heusinkveld in this regard anyway. Thank you.

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you can try to change the preload, deadzone or increase the low value in DIview. So you can at least sort out some possible sources of the issue. Or even get rid of it.