Help with small Mige system - unknown type

Hello everyone, good to be here.

I recently bought a small Mige motor system online, as a way of getting myself better sim racing wheel on a budget. It works well and is a large step up from what I had previously.

Where I am curious is in knowing what kind of system it actually is. The previous owner did not know, he bought it used also - he said that he thought it was an IONI board based system, but did not know for sure.

Is there a way for me to tell what components I have? I use the MMoS software and it seems to be fine, but I am wondering what other options are out there e.g. could I use the Simucube software to allow for more adjustments? The components are housed in a pc tower and I just don’t know what I am looking for as a way to identify what options I have.

I greatly appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

It is not possible to know if it is a Simucube or a STM32F4 Discovery with IONICUBE without opening the box and taking a look.

Only Simucube can be used with Simucube firmware. It will not work for STM32F4 Discovery.

Just open it up and check if board says SIMUCUBE on it, then you can upgrade to SC1 fw/sw.
This should help with visual identification

If it’s Simucube, instruction on update procedure is here.

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Thanks, the only board that I can see a name on says IONIICUBE 1X on it - does that help?

Yep, that helps. It is a SMT32F4 Discovery development board running MMOS Force Feedback 2014 firmware, paired with our IONICUBE & IONI Pro (or Pro HC) servo drive.

There is no upgrade path for this unit in regards to firmware, as Simucube firmware definitively will not work. Don’t even try.

There is no upgrade path in regards to hardware either, as Simucube board has recently been End-Of-Life sold out.

Perfect, thank you so much for the help.

The system works perfectly, I was just wondering if there was a newer software version - I am kind of glad their isn’t as now I’m not tempted to upgrade.

Thanks again.

I’ve noticed recdntly that the fan on my unit appears to run high or fast when I turn the wheel and get resistance, is this normal? I am sure it didn’t used to do this? Thanks

Impossible to say, as neither the IONICUBE or the MMOS firmware on the STM32F4 Discovery have any fan control functions. If the original builder of the unit wired some kind of temperature sensing circuit for the fan, then it would be normal.

Thanks, I have taken some picture’s of the inside of the box of components, I am not sure what is actually in there. I do not see a fan and wonder if it is maybe the fan in the PSU that is coming on. I am just concerned that something may be overheating and don’t want to run the risk of something going wrong here and causing damage.

Appreciate any help in identifying what is in this box.