Help with Reseler

Can any give me support regarding official resseler simracingbay.
During weekend I ordered simucube 2 ultimate, was suposed to recived it today but DHL says that package was asked to be send back on simracingbay request.
Did any of you have this kind of issue? I’m also trying to conatct SMRB but no response:)

Usually such things can happen if there are any issues with customs, missing paperwork and such. Also, some shipping methods, routes and options are currently not possible / problematic due to the corona virus situation, so that might be one reason for callback - to select a shipping method that will work instead of one that is not working at the moment.

I’m sure Tomo will get you sorted as soon as possible.

yeah but package was already here , and this kind of info shoud be send to me as custmoer by them.
It’s a lot of money in this order, and it’s not best exprience for starting jurney with simucube :frowning:
Thank you Mika for replay I hope I will get some information soon.

Did you try to contact the reseller? With the reputation that Tomo holds, I would expect him to explain everything to you upon request.

Hello All,

Tomo contaced me theres seems to be some weird situation hope to be solved.
Waiting now for more details.

Tomo is one of the best - he will get you sorted, have no worries about that :wink:



Trust me he will get it sorted out. He went above and beyond for a customs issue I had.

Tomo will ABSOLUTELY get it handled!:grin:

Thanks guys, but this might be out of my hands, atleast to solve it quick.

What happened was that there was batch of orders for SC2 Ultimate in same 24h and they were all set to be delivered to same city in Poland. All of orders came from diferent customers and most even from diferent country, but all set to be delivered to same location. As addition, some of them tried to order SC2 Ultimate more times.

Finally, certain protection mechanism was activated as it was similar that someone is potentialy using multiple credit cards and ordering to same location at the same time.

As result, first 2 shipments to this city which were already in transit were canceled and pulled back, including @Manher. All those orders are now already fully refunded, as i dont wont hold anyone’s money while i am not sure what happened. New orders to Poland are now only possible with bank payment (supported in webshop) until further notice.

@Manher: Copy of refund transaction was now sent to your email and as mentioned there already i can offer you another order next week - with added nice product for free as good gesture. But all new orders to Poland will now be with bank payment option only for atleat a while. And again apology from my part as you might be colateral victim of all this, as your order was 1st of those which followed - with delivery to your city and with identical product configuration.

Thanks for understanding and most important stay all safe and healthy in this challenging times for all of us worldwide.

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I also wanted to add my part of story here.
First of all my refund was done today so all fake ones where done before…now we will need to wait another days as weekend is coming…
Also wanted to share some information about whole expiernce. As I informed Tomo we are starting YT channel and it was really critical to recive base today (investors involved).
I tried to ask Tomo to have some call to discuss whole situation but it’s impossible as he don’t want to have phone contact.
I fully understand situation but it’s even not close to any know by me customer relation standards.
Also worth mentioning that I contaced Tomo about issue, and from what I see if not I even woudn’t know about it.
It’s one of worst purchsaing expeirence I had a long time. Also I want to add that i tried as much as I can to prove to Tomo what we are doing (sharing pics of stuff we already recive documnets, ID)

I know this is not Granite problem, but I want to ask for some help and support, we didn’t ask to recive anything for free we pay a lot of money for it and did not recive what we pay for.
Maybe some oder ressler can coantac? We are sitting right now with evertyging beside most important part and cant start what we planned.

I think Tomo is probably great guy but this is not the way you shall treat customer for premium product.

I don’t understand one part. Did you order one or more SC 2 units? If just one, how come there were multiple orders to your address. If multiple, why did you order them by using different credit cards from different countries?

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Only one but after that seems to be some kind attack on Tomo shop.
My biggest complain is lack of comunication and basicaly no will of help just ask for waiting.
As good example we just contaced Simtag and they will try to help us. And everything was done via phone call so it’s shows thats possible if you just want…

So an attacker decided to send multiple SC 2 Ultimates to your address? Lucky you!


No not to mine,just same country city. Our order was firts and normal I think I already prove it to Tomo.
By Tomo decision our order was send back to him so no delivery on Wensday, and our refund was done today…
Also worth mention I have asked yesterday Tomo to just make quick delivery not to do refund but he waited another day just to inform us today about refund.
I think situation is bad for everybody but I think everything coudl be done with one simple call insted we where in loop of emails. I will also share my expeircnce with oders as for my standards it’s not they way treat customer like this. Shame that it’s also impacting Simucube.

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But, could your problem be solved by Simtag?

Now, this is the clue…

I’m in touch with them. To be clear but solving problem I mean possibility to buy and recive wheel base I’m not expecting anything more. As for now theyy are super good and in consnat contact with us.
I’m really angry and sad about this whole mess, as we did nothing wrong here just pay a lot for something and did not recive it :frowning: And I know that maybe resellers or Granite don’t care when somebody is saying that they are staring something and for us is nearly end of world (we also have our contracts in which we need to deliver as we promised) but I belive that karma gets back sooner or later. I will post here and on other social media how this situation will be solved.

It is unfortunate that you were caught up in the middle of what appears to be a scam. Sim Racing Bay were probably constrained under the circumstances with what they could do. I know it can be frustrating with smaller companies when contact is only possible through email rather than phone but that is usually offset with a more personal service. I would suggest that if it was so important to have the hardware by a certain date, then ordering well in advance to factor in delivery issues would have been prudent. Bad mouthing a company on forums and social media due to what appears to be very exceptional circumstances will not solve any problems and seems vindictive. After all they did offer a good will gesture too.


Agree but on other hand we did everything in advance it’s reseler who give us information after nearly one week. Persoanly I woudl have situation like this I woudl contact my customer asap. Not wait until customer realize that something is wrong. I think I’m not doing anything wrong with share info abou this situation.
And as I said from beging I want to belive that Tomo is great guy and comapany as many here sugest, but way of solving our situation is not showing this to me.

I personally think you want to make your emergency someone else’s problem. Move on, Tomo protected his business interests due to suspect activity, that’s how it is.I would have done the same to protect my business, if I had one.

Probably a good idea to order your things well in advance, not wait until the end. You’re the first person ever to complain about Tomo’ s service, but it was circumstances outside his control. He offered a (rather nice) solution, but due to your ‘emergency’, you decided to go elsewhere.

Free market and all, but to be fair, the problem wasn’t of his making.

Anyway, once you get your new DD wheel, please check back, as always, we are here to support you with input and feedback to get up and running smoothly. Welcome to the movement.



No Phillip, Problem was done by reseller who wasnt preapre for this situation. We made our order in advance, second I think when you are haveing diffucult situation you never expect to have you are trying to solve it firts by making contact to customer who paid you money.
My complain is about no reaction or will to help, just do nothing. You can ask Tomo how much information w ehave provided to him and options to solve issue. At the end we are customers here and as such we also have some rights in EU. But maybe topic if to difficult and there is to much pride here, to say sorry it’s our fault.
I don’t have problem to say sorry to Tomo for sending dozens of email and asking for help maybe even in chaotic way. But I try to conatct and to solve issue. Sitting and doing nothing it’s not solving.