help with configuration

Hello everybody. recently bought a used simucube 1. the former owner left the simrace a few years ago and had this wonder stopped.
after so much insisting there, he sold me the material. the problem is that he no longer had anything installed and no longer remembers how to install it. Can you give me everything I need to get this cute boy to work?
greetings: Marco Pereira

Send me your email and I will share a link with my files.
I just added it here and when I accessed it I see that end user with the link could change files. I can’t do that!

Everything you need should be in here.
Create a folder on your desktop named OSW or something.

Download all content from the link I provided into that folder.

Unzip all folders.

I good point to start would be to see if it shows as SimuCUBE or MMOS ForceFeedback 2014 in Windows Device or USB Game Controllers screen.

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Marco I just sent the link info to your pm.
Also be sure to look at the Granite Devices wiki before you do ANYTHING! There is good step by step instruction there.

And as Mika said first plug in the control and see what shows up in windows hardware devices. I always go to the screen that shows the big icons.