Help with buy extra SQR

Hey guy anyone know where I can buy extr SQR I need to mount extra wheels and cant find a retailer that sells the extra SQR.


I just bought 2 at

Dont know if in stock or not…

You guys should wait. There will be new improved QR hardware soon. At the moment you get the 70mm adapter and the wheelside QR, not backmountable. No 30mm spacer included.

If I understand correctly, only 3cm spacer and 70mm adapter will be new revision, no new SQR wheel side on plans.

And my SC2 box from Augury came with the 3cm spacer and fasteners too, the first revision but is usable with certain rims.

Yes the wheelside QR will be the same, I think even the 70mm adapter stays the same. The part that needs a revision is the 30mm spacer you are showing. There is a single spacer included in every SC2 package BUT not with additional QRs you buy. And the spacer is not sold on its own at the moment. I mentioned this to Tero a few times - the new spacer has to be included or sold separately with additional QRs.

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Im thinking on it and the spacer would be an “in the box item” only, Just to reach all possibilities at one shot.

Then, when more adapters are needed, you can choose many options Like adapters, eBay spacer, etc

My last buy was 2 SRC adapters, 2 SQRs and 2 MartinAscher 70mm adapters. No plans on another 3cm spacer having one

Any word on when the spacers will be available? I have two more wheels to mount.

Still can’t find anywhere to buy a extra wheel side quick release and spacer anyone have any ideas the one place I found said they do t have to send our small accessories has SQRs in stock ready to go.

I bought them 2 SQR last week because Racewerk didnt have stock ready to ship.
Any SQR includes the 70mm adapter, but i dont know if Augury has the original Simucube spacers, just bought 2 Augury Adapters/spacers

FYI SQR+Augury Spacer = ~100€

Did it include the part that slides onto the base side that the pin goes through? Only thing I see on their website is the adapter spacer thing. Doesn’t look like it comes with the angled attach emend parts for the quick release unless I’m missing something

What you can see on the web is the custom spacer/adapter.
You must contact with Augury people and ask for SQRs and all what you want, then they will send you an Invoice.

Hi Alfye20,

I bought a Simucube 2 PRO but it didn`t arrive yet.

I need to do an adapter to use my Fanatec steering wheel, and this 3D drawing could help me a lot to do it better and fast.

This is a CAD drawing? If yes, could you share with me?

Warm regards,