Help - SimuCUBE based OSW kit Biss-C w/CM110 case

Hi guys purchased this simracingbay kit on ebay and im having problems connecting. When turning on the drive i hear the initialize sound and simplemotion serial port (com 6) becomes available to connect.

However, when i try to connect to this granity gets stuck on 'searching devices…

Am i missing something?

You have both USB cables connected?

Yes, both usb cables are connected

I have now plugged the usb cables into a separate USB controller on my motherboard.

Now the box appears with the list of found and powered drives, but the box is empty with no drives listed.

Back to the same error again.

I have two options
Simplemotion USB F230X basic UART
Simplemotion serial port com6

Both stuck searching devices

Post a screenshot of Devices, and then Drivers, please…like to see what’s shown in them…

Is this sufficient?

Uart should connect but first you have to open simucube tool to enable the mode in order to connect. Why do you need to connect with granity?

Tim, anything under ‘Other Devices’ ?

Is there a Simucube or MMOS Force Feedback device visible in USB game controllers? It should be Simucube as you have BiSS-C encoder which MMos does not support.

If Simucube, then you will have to enable the Granity connection mode before you can connect. But you should have absolutely zero reason to use Granity at all, as the Simucube Configuration Tool has all the required settings readily available.