HELP! Simucube 1 Large MiGE 10k ppr DB15 wiring

Hi all,

Firstly apologies as I am late to the Simucube 1 party (finally saved the $$$ to purchase the Simucube 1) but I don’t see an answer to my question in the install guide or forums.

I have the Large MiGE (130ST-M15015) with the 10,000 ppr encoder.
The encoder has 14 coloured & insulated wires, + the braided/foil shield.

Question 1: The Simucube DB15 pins 1, 2, 3 (HALL_W, HALL_V, HALL_U respectively). The MiGE encoder has U+, V+, W+, U-, V-, W- pins. The Simucube wiring guide shows the DB15 pins 1, 2, 3 as optional. Can I have some confirmation as to what MiGE pins should connect to DB15 pins 1, 2, 3 please.

Question 2: This question is regarding the ground. The Simucube DB15 pins 4 and 10 are Ground. There is only a single ground wire (not the shield) in the 14 wires of the MiGE encoder cable. I assume both SC DB15 pins 4 and 10 should be connected to the single MiGE ground wire. Can I have some confirmation on whether I should connect both SC DB15 pins 4 and 10 to the single MiGE encoder ground wire please.

Question 3: The shield. On the MiGE encoder plug, pin 1 is connected to the shield of the cable (and is labelled as PE which I think is Protective Earth?). I had read somewhere that a shield should only be connected at one end to avoid ground loops. Do I simply connect the MiGE encoder cable shield to the SC DB15 casing? Or should I also connect that shield to the ground pins mentioned in question 2 above?

Question 4: What is the maximum allowed current draw on the fan header (pinout header 2, pins 6 and 7).

Thanks in advance

Ok so I did some more searching online:

A link here for anyone else who is wanting more specific wiring instructions:

I might ditch the 5v fan and get a 48v to 12v DC/DC converter and run a generic computer case fan, quiet and good air flow - with RGB just cause I can.