Help I’m new to Simucube

Hi everyone, I just ordered a Simucube 2 Pro and I do not plan on using a wheel button box because I ordered a dash button box. My question is can I connect it to the wheel base or will I have to connect it to my pc. I’m using a Thrustmaster TX right now so I’m super excited.


The dash-type button boxes are typically connected via separate USB connection to the PC.

Which model/type did you order?

Simucube / Mige Mount Dash Board from Apex Simracing. Connecting to my pc will be no problem I was just wondering if it could be ran to the base instead.

After looking up that product, I’m already drooling & jealous! You will enjoy it for sure.

I’m excited about all of it. Thanks!

You will need to connect it directly to your PC via USB. The wheel base has no option to connect other devices to it via USB, only via a special connector. There’s a separate topic about it on this forum :slight_smile:

Do you also have a separate shifter? Or how else are you planning to shift gears?

I use a Aiologs shifter.

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