Help asap / mobo sc1

The type B usb female connectors on my SC1 mobo have broken. Does GD sell new ports? Please help as now I can’t race :’(. I’m willing to buy a new board but seeing if i can save some money first.

The ports on Simucube 1 are Mini USB ports, and they are a standard part that is available from multiple electronics component suppliers. Replacing one might be possible when replacement is made by skilled professional. DIY soldering without good heat gun might be problematic due to large PCB “sucking” up heat and causing burning of the PCB material near your soldering iron, which will detach the copper from the PCB as well.

If you don’t mind, could you link me to somev cause my local pc shop can’t do it according to the omes i showed him.

Cause i just ordered a new mobo

Usually these things are not fixed by pc shops, but electronics / television repair shops.

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Here is the part number if you choose to get it repaired:

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Thank you so much. I may get it fixed but doesn’t seem likely.