Heidenhain ERN480 (3600 lines) vs BISS-C for small MiGE servo

What difference could I expect between these two encoders?

It will be lower resolution and more money.

Excuse me … can you explain it a little more?
I’m in the same doubt … More resolution or money in favor of which?

Yunghe BISS-C has several bits higher ADC resolution than IONI.
Which surpasses 0.7 bit resolution increase from higher ppr of Heidenhain.
And, certainly, Yunghe is cheaper - I guess that’s not a surprise.

I’m not very aware of all this … I really just want to drive.
So I understand that the biss-c encoder is a real improvement over the 480 and would it be worth the change? Or, on the other hand, would the improvement be little or negligible? … if you can know, of course

If you already have 480 - keep it. You are not going to get much of the improvement. Certainly, unless I have both those on hand and measure them - I can’t promise it. But from specs and posted tests - you would not see much improvement. Unless there would be sensor with significantly improved accuracy - you should not pay for new encoders. Certainly, Heidenhain is better than Rongde (original) sincos.

ok mate, that’s a good and direct answer …
I will follow your advice. Thank you.
I’m certainly happy with the 480, but we always want more …:wink:

i have all 3 encoders and i cant feel the difference to be honest.

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You won’t feel that much of a difference, as I have run a 1024 (1mil), 3600 (3mil), and 5000(5mil) which is slightly above that of the BiSS and though you can feel a very slight difference from the 3600Line to the 5000Line it is not enough to justify the cost. All of the Improvement is in the filtering so you will feel even less if you don’t use or use low filtering (anything under probably .75 - 1%). The one advantage the BiSS will have once Mika implements it is automatic set-up which means no phasing and I believe it also auto determines centerpoint. (not a huge advantage except that you don’t have to have the wheel centered on start up or turn the wheel to get center.