Heavy then light feedback

I have just updated from 0.10.4 to the latest Simucube and Ioni firmware. I’m pretty sure I have dialled in the same settings but the feel is very different. The initial feedback is strong/heavy and then as I brake (mx5 Iracing) the feeling goes light and I lose feedback strength in the wheel and then the feedback grows in strength. It used to hold a stronger feedback though the turn in but now it weakens. I’d love to roll back to my original firmware but I don’t think that is a straight forward task. Has the latest firmware changed the Inherent characteristic of the Simucube or have I just stuffed up my set up process? Any advice would be great!

Do you have the constant force reduction filter working?? as this sort of sounds like the way it works when it is set higher

Cheers for getting back to me. I can’t see that filter in the SC1 simucube tool. Where is that setting located? Many thanks

Its actually called Static Force Reduction and on Firmware 1.0 and beyond it is right below the inertia filter.