Hardware torque limit (AKA valet switch)

Hi all,
I am about to put together my first OSW, using a big Mige. Something I have been thinking about is some sort of torque limiting switch to make it safe for my kids to use (my 9 year old likes to drive from time to time). It would need to be a hardware limit to be a true safety device as a software glitch would be possible otherwise. Has anyone done this? I imagine a current limiting circuit would work.

Does anyone recall the Corvette ZR1 that came with a valet switch? (don’t know if they still do, this was in the 90s I think). I was picturing something like that, a keyed switch for full power or reduced power.

Cheers ben

What if they flip the switch by accident which is more likely than the simucube software changing the strength by accident :wink: just explain the dangers to the kids and set the max strength lower in simucube :wink: if you limit it there they cant turn it up in the game anyway.

But as far as i know nobody has don’t anything like that yet. but it might be possible, but i might be easier to set max amps in granity.

I am probably overthinking it but a physical switch / hardware control is the only way I can think of to provide an “engineering” control - a software setting is really an administrative control. However I could also move to an “elimination” control and have him keep using the trusty old G27.

Or he can learn to let go at the right time.

Cheers Ben

If you set a current limit in granity its pretty solid.than they can’t even change it even if they try too use the simucube config tool.

Press the Estop or make your default profile be a low torque profile that way whenever it is started the wheel is at low torque.

Or as @SKeijmel said you can limit the MMC in Granity BUT that also limits the Max power for you without going into Granity to change it first.