Haptic question for active pedal

Are you able to feel wheel lock on the brake pedal and wheel slip on the throttle?

Seems it’s either not possible, or nobody is willing to answer you.
There are solutions to the question, and they are much cheaper:
I myself use the rumble kit from BJ because I have BJ pedals. Is really helpful, and very good immersion on top of that.

There is another one, this is working with BJ and other pedal sets:

Yes on Assetto Corsa & Competizione
ABS only on iRacing, no tire slipping is provided by telemetry

That is very good news!!

iRacing does not provide real time tire rotation data, so only ABS can be implemented for those cars that output ABS data in the game telemetry.

I am very interested in this. My active pedals are scheduled to arrive on Friday. I currently use sim3d rumble kit which gets the information from sim hub or SRS. How are they generating the information to used to power the rumble kit? Unfortunately, SIM 3-D does not have a mount for the active panel right now. I find the wheel slip and wheel lock. Some of the more valuable information I get while driving.

I think they are reading the same telemetry stream that we are. The rotation speeds of the wheels are not as real time as we would like, but it may be possible to create effects from them, which seems to be well possible. We just haven’t yet investigated that.

Our software development team is still quite small (but expanding). Our next focus is to add more games to active effects supported list. There are some new types of APIs that we need to interface with.

We are also discussing with iRacing about developing our own API that iRacing would be happy to interface with, so that they would control what is felt on the pedal.


It’s, like @Mika wrote, telemetry based information. I also see wheel lock and slip as very helpful information.

I was able to use the motors in WRC titles, which don’t have support for haptic feedback. There is a tool from Race department making Simhub believe it’s dirt rally 2.0, and it’s an absolute blast.

I was able for the first time to get a sense of what the Simucube pedals are about. It’s really game changing, from the driving experience to the immersion. It is closing the gap between reality and simulation quite a lot. I also revised my view about the price of the Simucube pedals quite a bit. They are a solution of hardware and software and both had to be made from scratch. This deserves total respect, also admiration and sure support and cheering for the very good outcome (which I didn’t really contributed to, sorry for that)

I am talking to Calvin, the owner of sim3D. He males a rumble pedal that connects to the pedals. I currently use this on my pedals and would like to use it with the active pedals until haptics work natively with the active pedal would you be willing to give him dimensions of the active pedal so he can 3d print a mount that works with the active pedal?

This is a drawing with the pedal dimensions. Hope it helps

We are not really sure how the load cell based force control will behave if there are any external vibration sources directly on the face plate of the pedal.

The world’s first pedal created by you…
But we don’t share the dimensions… Really?

mounting for the pedal plate has been shared on our discord, and the documentation is being improved just now.

Is there any news on this?

The API is in development. No other news to share yet.

You can find some useful information here. A lot of what is not published anywhere else:

The public Trello board we have is for Simucube 2 development updates, not the ActivePedal development things.

As they somehow will get merged there are still some information there. But you are of course correct. Sorry for this.