Hands Off crazziness HELP!

Hey Guys and gals,

so I have the new Pro 2 and a cube control formula wheel. I race mostly iracing and having a problem with the hands off on the steering wheel. If I remove my hands for more then 1 second the wheel will start going back and forth to the point of violence and crashing the car and possibly hurting my hands. Is there a good setting to get rid of this. I cant seem to stop it. otherwise I love the thing hahaha

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Add some damping and friction, for example 20% and 10%. Also for iRacing, you should be able to activate the Low Latency Mode setting and put it to around 15%.

will extra damping and friction change the current feel of the wheel. Don’t want it to be any harder to turn?

Will the low latency mode help reduce the issue? gues I don’t understand what it does sorry for the dumb questions

The oscillation, especially in iRacing, is due to the gain (ffb strength) making the loop
game -> usb -> device -> position data back to PC ->game
going unstable. Adding the filters will make it more stable, and is actually required in iRacing. Adding the low latency setting will also make the loop more stable, so you won’t need to add as much filters.


ok great thanks will try the latency first then the dampners

Please do not be afraid of the filters… The filters on these units can give you a wheel that is much more natural in feeling without sacrificing the detail that is supposed to be transmitted… The only filter that will really raise the wheel weight is the Friction filters where the others more or less alter behavior of the way the signals are being transmitted to you… If you add filtering if you believe the wheel has gotten too heavy but the attitude of the wheel in your hands is the way you like it then just turn down the strength either At the SimuCUBE software OR via raiding the Max force slider number in iRacing and this will correct the extra force at the wheel but will give you a much more tame wheel in the end.