Had the source of "Overvoltage Power Stage Forced Off " been resolved?

I´m getting above fault with a forced off of my SC2 Pro R1 (2 PSUs) in recent days.
Sometimes it just defaults to a “E-Stop pressed” state, but I also had a case where the power LED of the advanced E-Stop was off and I had to turn the base back on.
It ocurrs when crashing while driving. Sim is iRacing. No SC wheel used.
I´ve seen a post from 2020 about it, but no reason or solution was offered, probably all went into the individual support ticket.
Software 2022.11, Firmware 1.3.51, TrueDrive 1.3.50, Servo Drive Firmware 10833

That happens, if the wheel is generating voltage but the servo drive is not ready to handle that voltage. Typically, especially in the R1 units, mismatched PSU units caused the device to reboot in crashes.

Does your unit reboot when this happens?

How do you see the faults? Or where can I see the fault log. My Simcube Pro also just died after crashing a car in iRacing it was the Dallara IR18. My power Adapter though seems to no longer be sending power to the base. Or the base won’t allow it to power on. I get no LEDs lit on the power supply cable.

If led is dead, PSU is dead, try different power outlet, and if that doesn’t solve it, open support ticket.
“Support” menu item at the top of this web page.

The light “ON” the PSU is lit, it’s just the power cable LED lights don’t light up. Not sure if you are familiar with the R2 power system but there are no LED lights in the base, the LED indicators are on the power cable now. So I think it’s getting power from AC outlet but not sending DC to the base. So yeah still a PSU/AC Adapter issue I think unless the darn base is not allowing it to turn on.

The led is on the wheel base and it is turned on by the firmware when the wheel base starts.

Hey Mika,
The behavior is not uniform. It sometimes „crashes“ into a state, where I have to cycle the E-stop and then it works again, and sometimes it turns the base off.
It’s also not in every crash, after my post I drove and occasionally crashed in practice for 4 hours without any problems.
Strange stuff…
Mismatched PSUs, how exactly would I determine if that is the case? And if it were, how do we solve it? Support ticket?