GTR2 10th anniversary patch and SC2

hey guys, today on RD came out the latest update for the GTR2 10th anniversary patch, which aims to bring back to life this glorious sim of 2006, for me one of the best ever released and still relevant today after 13 years.
as soon as I saw this update, I immediately re-installed GTR2 - the vanilla Steam version - to see if it still holds well to this day.
now the question is, anybody have a general idea for a good TD profile, a minimal starting point to begin to tweak the sim ffb? I was thinking that maybe, given the fact that being a 13 years old title some of the TD fiiters won’t be optimally used by the sim, could be better to start with a Simple mode profile and then once an usable setting is found start with the Advanced mode?
thanks to anyone will reply and help to revive this wonderful gem of the past.

link to RD GTR2 10th anniversary patch :


Nice. Might have to reinstall as well. My only problem with GTR2 was the 3 USB inputs + keyboard. Steering wheel, pedals, button box. Doh! Steering wheel, sequential shifter, h-pattern, doh! Pedals, h-pattern button box. Doh!


Im using joytokey but then you face problems with USB order in Windows

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Not sure if this will help or not?

You can set joy2key to always keep the same running order even if Windows changes them.

The settings I’m referring to start at 13:14 in the video.


I recently set up my sc2 pro with gtr2, and after some tweaking it works fairly well with the ffb patch on the Racedepartment 10th anniversary version (I use the last version reviewed by Jimmy Broadbent on youtube). I just set up as I normally do, getting the rawest ffb I can get. It’s surprisingly informative as it was in my former t300, with obviously far more detail. On the game settings I used mainly the preset from some thrustmaster wheel in gtr2 standard menus, with very small force in game (15 or so), and 100% under simucube software. Also added a little damping (10), some friction (5), and inertia (5), with no further filters, and it feels quite nice. A bit rough though sometimes, so the reconstruction filter comes in handy (even though I use 1). I cranked up the AI level and aggression on a track I know fairly well (Brno) too see how informative the ffb was when battling hard, and it was pretty darn good. On most cars I get little information when they start to slide though, but the counterforce is clear enough to understand what’s happening, it’s probably some tweak on the ffb file I don’t know much about (was similar with thr t300). Not bad at all for such an old (and legendary) game!

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I then used the same preset I created on True Drive for simbin’s race 07, worked pretty much the same with small tweaks (small force in game, around 20% for other effects, 0% rumble strip effects). Ffb on this one is already better out of the box though.

However, a warning: the rumble strips for some reason made my wheel go NUTS (even with very little force in game), it would probably have broken my thumbs were they around the wheel. Turned it off in game and now it’s ok. But even with 1% it is VIOLENT.

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