Grinding or Sandy feel under load?

Hi all,

New to the forum, and new to OSW’s to be honest!

I’m having an issue with my wheel where under load (turning in on a high down force car for example) the wheel feels like it’s grinding or it feels sandy.

My OSW is from Simracingbay - Link

Profiles Tab

Any tips or advice would be massively appreciated!


Does it feel smoother with the recon filter at 10?

You shouldn’t be getting a sandy feeling with those settings. I have Recon filter at 1 with same OSW, and it is smooth.

Have you saved that profile? Screenshot shows you have not yet done so. As suggested above, test other Recon filter numbers 1 to 10.

What settings are you using in game?

Advanced Tab
Hardware setup tab

Reduce torque bandwidth limit to 2200 Hz or 1100 Hz from the Unlimited setting. You won’t feel it in the wheel, but it is possible that it will reduce the unwanted audible hiss when using high current.

Also, you can slightly reduce the MR and ML (resistance and inductance) values in Granity.

it can only be two thing imo either you run too much ffb strength and the motor has to work too hard and you can hear and feel that. or your rcon is too low try rcon 8.

9 and 10 dont improve much only add a lot more overshoot.

but it definitely sounds like too low reconstruction filter grindy sandy, and geary feel is most probably the ffb signal from the game you feel. those are the biggest bottlenecks.
What game do you play ? and what are your current settings?

i know the sensation and i understand what you describe perfectly.

i am running the big mige. i can feel the “sandy” feeling especially under really heavy tire load mid corner. the effect is more pronounced the more i turn up the ffb.

when i first got my osw i felt like i need to run with a lot of force. because i thought, man i have this powerful device i need to run it with a lot of power. now i run at about 12A (in simucube settings) in most cars. i recently turned that down a little more after i started to drive the VRS gt3 series. i realized that the fidelity is there with these wheels regardless of power. i dont need that much power, especially when i run 1 hour long stints for the team races. (of course i am not turning it down to much, still need some proper resistance under load to enjoy driving - also depends on the car, i enjoy the indycar with a lot stiffer and stronger ffb compared to the gt3 cars)

also what mika said helps a ton as well. MR and ML (resistance and inductance), turn them down a bit. helps a ton. i am running half of what granity measures automatically. makes a lot of difference. i dont know how low you can go with that and at what point it introduces problems. but for me halfing those numbers did the trick.

with these settings i dont realize the feeling is there anymore, except when i really concentrate on it.