Granity software COM driver not seen

I want to adjust the servo motor when I enter granit devices program but I get an error

help me i can’t use my steering wheel: (((( I am using argon driver

Select correct COM port. Do you have the SimplemotionV2 adapter attached and installed correctly?

yes correctly attached

Which options are there to connect to, in the Granity Connect tab?

I do not understand ı m using argon

you need to select the correct COM port in Granity.

which version should i use

Hi Sambabaa

Granity is the software used to configure our (Granite Devices) servo drives. You should use the latest version, and if during connect Granity tells you it’s too new version, you can then try older version.

To connect to Argon with Granity, you must first connect the SMV2USB adapter to your PC, then start Granity, and select correct COM port.

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