Graining/grinding noise when turning

Hi everyone,

my new simucube is making these noises when turning in a corner. It’s present in all games, but the most in F1 2021. I already set the reconstruction filter to 10 and double checked the mount, but it is still there. I filed a support ticket and wait for a response. Is this normal? Video link down below.

FFB was set to 40% max.

Thanks in advance.

Based on the video I would say it sounds normal. Or mine has sounded/sounds similar. I can’t really say if it has changed to be more loud than before as I’m almost every time wear headphones so I can’t really hear it anyway.

Take a look at Direct Input filters at the bottom of TrueDrive profile, check that Friction is OFF - 0%

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I also has the same sound, and i think everyone has it at least at some point. Normally now i do not notice it so much but yeas it is annoying sometimes. You can disable if remember correct with friction off but why i has to do this if it change feeling in ffb!?

same sound for me too…but only since 1 week. And no change in my setup. My slew rate is at 0,32…if I put 0,10 the sound disapear at 90% but I don t like the feeling at 0,10

what i can do?


You think it’s broken?