Gimx with Simucube DD

Has anyone tried this gimx adapter with your OSW?

No, but it looks like something that could be very good if it allows SimuCUBE to work with my Xbox One X.
I came from console gaming, and still have a lot of friends that I don’t get to race with since moving to PC and SimuCUBE, so this would be very cool if it works.

The recent Nvidia RTX launch and the negative feedback in the gaming community over how shady they have been detrimental to them - I returned my 2080ti FE GPU when it transpired that it’s really only better in 4K gaming (which I don’t play and until FPS get to 120 and above I won’t bother with), and Ray Tracing is not ready for mainstream gaming given the almost game breaking performance hits even on the $1200 2080ti.
Plus the fact that Nvidia have tried to essentially shift the pricing perception for their ‘ti’ cards to that of the previous ‘Titan’ editions ($1200), and that in general PC hardware costs are becoming extreme again, I think that the console market may be a better option for many, unless things change.
AMD seem to be silent, and right now is a golden opportunity for them to hit both Nvidia and Intel (Intel’s 10nm manufacturing woes), but I don’t think they have anything to compete.

Not saying that’s what I want to do, but with Microsoft currently developing several new consoles to essentially crush whatever advantages the PS5 may have over the XB1X, consoles may be entering a new era of performance that makes them a very viable choice.
Add to this the upcoming 'TV’s with display port and new HDMI formats (for support of higher panel refresh rates), and it’s going to be an exciting time ahead!

I have a love/hate relationship with Nvidia and their current new level of greed and arrogance due to having literally no competition could be a good opportunity for console makers.

Although I don’t use it much, the performance in my XB1X for under $500 is truly amazing.

Sure your absolutely right:(
But I was thinking to use gimx to try my wheel on some simcades or at arcade racing like,wrc7, vrally4 etc.:slight_smile: With gimx.

It does work from what I understand but I do not have any direct knowledge of using it.

One of my customers is using it quite successfully on an XBox using a cheap laptop

I’m thinking to use it on pc

yes it works, i use it to emulate a g27 for ets2 or forza games

Same for me. I got it for playing Forza 7 and Forza horizon 4 on PC and both work great.

Can you give your settings please ?

For what game?For forza please download emuwheel, no need for gimx longer. And its much better with emuwheel

I too, have read that EmuWheel works very good with Forza7 & SimuCUBE; even to the point of FFB-comparisons with AC & PC2.

Apparently, they have made good strides recently for improved results. I haven’t tested it myself, just passing along what some fellow sim-racer’s are saying (one has been involved in testing). IIRC, it only applies to the FFB with Forza7 though.

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